Building or renovating can be a daunting process – and knowing where to start, or how to make the most of the space can be tricky. We provide expert guidance from concept to delivery. Our priority, aside from great design, is getting to know you, because although we design places that look beautiful, how they make you feel is equally important. We take the time to listen, to understand your aspirations, budget and give practical advice on what’s possible. Our experience means we can identify opportunities you may not have realised, and help address any limitations.


Initial brief & Site Visit

The first part of any successful project is the brief. We meet to get to know you, and what you want to achieve from the project, as well as a vision for the process. We will brainstorm spaces, function, aesthetic, budget, time frame and expectations, so that as a team, we all have a clear understanding of what is to come.

Included in this part of the process is a visit to site and a measure up. Here we discuss the opportunities available, such as views, form, breezes, and light. We also consider the constraints, such as scale and privacy.  At the end of this process, we will have narrowed down the initial ideas and scope of your dream home.



Taking your vision from our briefing session, and the information we gathered at the site visit, we start the initial design sketches. These are typically hand-drawn sketches of the plan of your project, along with some simple perspectives or diagrams that communicate our preliminary ideas. We will meet and discuss the rationale behind our choices and how they reflect your initial brief. This will require your reviewing and input to ensure that we are creating spaces that work particularly for you.


Design Development

At this stage we progress the approved design sketches into more detailed digital 2D drawings. We will also produce a 3D model so that you can see how the spaces will look and feel as well as start to explore proposed external material options and opportunities. As with every stage, we will continue to collaborate with you to explore and refine selections, layout and details. Behind the scenes, we work closely with consultants such as Town Planners if a Development Application (DA) is required, as well as starting to liaise with Structural Engineers to get their input and expertise where necessary.



In this stage we turn our focus to the internal areas of the project, predominately the internal joinery design. This may include but is not limited to; kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, WIR, ensuites, mudroom, office and entertainment unit cabinetry. We will also work with you in selecting all hard finishes for the interior of the house as well as, fixtures, and fittings selection.


Building Approval

At this point, your project should be fairly refined in terms of look and layout. The project if its progressing to site it will require Building Approval (BA) from the Council. This is the minimum level of detail required to start construction. We will do this for you. We consult all necessary consultants and create a package to be sent to a certifier for Building Approval. In this package we will complete plans, sections, elevations and all drawing and lodgement documents needed for approval on your behalf.


Construction DOCUmentation

This is the last stage before we begin building. With the details of the layout and materials finalised, we document the external areas in detail to create drawings that are suitable for builders to tender on and use for construction.

Simultaneously we turn our attention to the interior of the house. If you love Pinterest, this is where you show us your kitchen and bathroom boards and we get into internal finishes and functions that will make your spaces look and run perfectly. Again, we will check in and co-ordinate with consultants that may be integral to your project, such as specialists in wine cellars, fireplaces, lifts etc.

Following this, you will receive everything that is needed to turn your dream into a reality. This will include and is not limited to; detailed plans, sections, elevations, reflected ceiling plans for electrical and lighting, joinery drawings for kitchen, bathrooms, laundry, mudroom, wardrobes, shelving, entertainment units, and built-in seating. As well as schedules that outline selection of external and internal finishes and fixtures, such as paint colour, cladding types, roofing materials, gutters, pavers, tiles, tapware, handles, basins. Lastly you will receive detailed drawings of design features that make your home unique and communicate to various tradespeople how elements of the building are to be fabricated. This may include detailed drawings of stairs, balustrades, metal work, windows, fences screens etc. Everything that is needed to communicate and create the intended design.


Contract Administration

To date, you should have every piece of documentation needed to get the design off the ground. However, you may wish to opt for Contract Administration too. This is where we help to select a builder as well as oversee the construction process. As the project moves from the planning stages into the actual build, we visit the site and work with you and your builder to ensure what we have put on paper, is what is delivered. Great results are achieved when the client, builder and architect work in a collaborative process. If there are any hiccups (which is common on building sites) we can help you navigate any tough conversations and are available for clarification instructions and supplementary documentation. We regularly report on time, costs, variations and are quality control of workmanship.



Complementing the architecture with beautiful furniture and other soft furnishings adds an elegant finishing touch. You may choose to do this yourself or opt to engage one of our expert interior design team to see your project through to completion. We can take care of as much, or as little, as you require - from sourcing furniture, wallpapers, feature lighting, window treatments, artwork, plants, vases. Our Interior Designers also work on the kitchen and bathroom design on our projects. So, if you intend on taking the next step into interior furnishings, your Interior Designer can ensure a seamless interior style, from tile choice and kitchen cabinetry to cushion selection and blinds.

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